Livonian Order’s Dobele Castle Chapel Ruin Conservation and Reconstruction

Dobele castle is one of the most iconic middle-age fortification monuments in Latvia. Originally there was Semigallian castle; from 1330–residence of Livonian Order; from mid-16th century until early 18th century–property of the Duchy of Kurland; The past 300 years–decaying ruin; presently state level cultural monument. The project has an innovative middle-age castle ruin preservation and functional regeneration concept that principally renounces “restoration” as a dominant method of renewal. We strived for highlighting the preservation of authentic elements wit modern architecture and design

Author: 'Konvents': Pēteris Blūms - idea author and lead architect (2004 - 2020), Līva Garkāje - lead architect's assistant and architectural technician (2016 - 2020), Oto Ozols - architectural technician (2016 - 2020), Katrīna Tretjakova - architectural technician (2019), Līga Ganiņa - architectural technician (2016). 'Arhitektes Ināras Caunītes birojs': Ināra Caunīte - architect (co-author of the 2010 project); Andris Caunītis - architectural technician (2010); Irēna Boks - lead construction engineer (2016 - 2020); Ilmārs Andrējevs-Empelis - construction engineer, author of construction engineering solutions (2016 - 2020); Aija Gaile - water engineer (2016 – 2020). Harijs Bokta - heating system engineer (2016 – 2020), Raimonds Bokta - lead ventilation system engineer (2016 – 2020); Gatis Ābele - ventilation system engineer (2016 – 2020); Jānis Fogels - electrical engineer (2016 – 2020); Ivars Rūdolfs Rudens - gas system engineer, “J.E.F.”: 1. Gatis Zerviņš – electrical engineer (2018 – 2020).

Client: The Dobele Municipality

Address or location:
Brīvības iela 2C, Dobele, Dobeles nov., LV-3701

Technical information:
2010; 2016



Main subcontractors, partners:
- archaeologist Andris Tomašūns (supervisor of archaeologicals excavations); - “Bartlomiej Kubiak konserwacja zabytkow” LTD (stone and brick masonry restoration); - 'RERE MEISTARI galdniecība' LTD (timber doors); - 'KRONE IB' LTD (glass constructions); - 'J.E.F.' LTD (electrical systems); - 'REARS' LTD (fire safety and video surveillance systems); - “Lafivents” LTD (heating and ventilation systems); - “RK Līvi” LTD (Rheinzink titanium zink roof mounting); - 'Telms' LTD (impact moling); - “Konceps AJ” LTD (water supply systems); - 'TUKSANS' LTD (water supply systems); - “TIMBERO LATVIA” LTD (glulam beams and timber roof construction); - “DINS A” LTD (gas systems); - “MD Būvnieks” LTD (general construction); - 'JAF' LTD (steel constructions); - “Darina” LTD (steel mesh constructions); - “RenDomo steel work” LTD (railings); - “SIA HC Latvija” LTD (concrete floors); - “Cascade mining” LTD (general construction, steel constructions); - ‘”Latlifts” LTD (wheelchair lift);

Author of photos:
Krauze Vision & Pēteris Blūms