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New building of the office of the Scientific Institute The building is located in the existing building complex of the scientific institute on the left bank of the river Daugava, along Lejupes Street. It is designed for an institution with increased security standards, therefore the project solutions are based on seclusion. Painted PVC textile fabric “FACID” is used as the facade`s outter layer. It is the first building in Latvia with such a finish. In the common areas, the range of colors has been used and a finishing composition has been used with artistic means that does not cause discomfort to users of building.
Author: Ltd 'Design Office Ludvigs', Architects: Ludvigs Saprovskis, Nils Saprovskis, Inga Udalova. Artist: Agnija Saprovska. Designer: Inga Bermaka.

Client: 'Food Safety, Animal Health and Environmental Research Institute' BIOR ''

Address or location:
Lejupes street 1C

Technical information:
2018.02.09. up to 2019.03.07.



Main subcontractors, partners:
Ltd 'G. Kamenecka buvkonstruktoru birojs',Ltd 'RPro',Ltd 'A. Abeles inzenieru birojs', Ltd 'GLAMMA'

Author of photos:
Maris Lapins