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Baltic Architects Unions Association, consisting of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Architects’ Unions, is a member of UIA since more than 20 years ago. BAUA had participated in UIA‘s congress and global exhibition and presented a common pavilion in Torino, Tokyo and Durban.

BAUA takes it seriously, as we believe that the exhibition in UIA world congress is a great opportunity to present and discuss current architectural topics in different countries, celebrate the variety of architectural identities all over the world. We hope in a very near future this exhibition grows in size and becomes the most important festival of architecture in the world.
But we also take it with a pinch of humour, because it is a necessary ingredient for a creativity of both: of an architect and of a user of a quality spaces.

This year BAUA traditionally organized an open architectural competition in order to select the best idea of the pavilion. 17 entries were submitted and an international jury awarded 3 projects.
The first prize was given toa project “City tune” by Jonas Lideikis and Tomas Skripkiunas. A team of two young Lithuanian architects suggested to present the Baltic cities through the sound of different languages that can be heard in the streets of Lithuanian, Latvian an Estonian cities. Once a visitor enters the pavilion, a phrase in Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian language will be pronounced via speakers installed into the ceiling structure. As the sensors will register the amount of the visitors of the pavilion, the more people enter the pavilion – more phrases will sound, creating an atmosphere of a vibrant city, full of people.

The pavilion will feature clean, minimalistic aesthetics and present contemporary Baltic architecture, built in recent 2 years. 30 most prominent and awarded buildings, public spaces, structures and architectural installations (10 from each Baltic country) will be presented in musical postcards, hung on the wall. Each postcard, which could be taken home as a souvenir, will display one building and one phrase in Lithuanian, Latvian or Estonian, depending on the origin country of a building presented. Opening a postcard and pushing the button, a visitor could read, listen to and even learn those phrases.

“Sound, human voice is an intriguing way to present the built environment and a unique identity of a city, which is being formed by not only physical infrastructure, but by the people, their emotions and experiences.” - says Ruta Leitanaite, President of BAUA and the curator of the BAUA pavilion. See you later! - Iki pasimatymo! - Uz redzēšanos! - Näeme hiljem!

Organizers: Baltic Architects’ Union’s Association (Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian Architects’ Associations)

Presented by: Lithuanian Council for Culture, Ministry of Culture of Lithuania, Eesti Kultuurkapital, Valsts Kulturkapitala fonds
Main sponsor: Solavi
Sponsor: Knauf