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Saldus Music and Art School

The Saldus School of Music and Arts building brings together two schools that have been working separately. Classrooms are located around the perimeter of the building, and halls and libraries in the middle. The light courtyards in the middle of the building are the result of the compact layout, a source of daylight and sunshine and a space for communication between the schools. The building's substantial heat exchanger, together with a structurally integrated heating system, ensures a stable microclimate, while the solid wood and profi-glass external wall construction is part of an energy-efficient natural ventilation system for the classrooms. The building's materials are the climate-regulating components of the comfort, and inform its function through materiality. Like the concrete walls in the interior, the solid wood wall visible through the profi-glass draws attention to natural materials, which we feel is important, especially in educational institutions.

Author: MADE arhitekti – Miķelis Putrāms, Linda Krūmiņa, Evelīna Ozola, Uldis Sedlovs, Liena Amoliņa