Aldaris Beer Workshop

'Aldaris beer workshop' is established in a former 'Waldschlösschen' beer factory built at the end of the 19th century. It combines a contemporary beer museum and a crafts beer factory, which offers to explore the beer industry and culture. The workshop also serves as a venue and helps to boost the renewal of the whole area of Sarkandaugava. The main challenge of the project was to remove the built-up from the interior of the building and to create a unified space, where the historic space of the museum and the factory becomes a part of the exposition.

Author: Arhitektes Lienes Griezītes studija: Liene Griezīte and Anna Vaivare in collaboration with Mārtiņš Dambergs and 'JR Elements. Arhitektūras risinājumi', Juris Rotčenkovs and Zane Deruma.

Client: AS 'Aldaris'

Address or location:
44 Tvaika Street, Riga

Technical information:

'Newkom construction'

Main subcontractors, partners:
Contractor: 'BC manufaktūra', construction supervisor: 'Jurēvičs un partneri', structural engineer: 'Space in engineers' and 'K Forma', exposition: 'Not Perfect' in collaboration with 'KUDA TUDA'.

Author of photos:
Didzis Grodzs