Architecture and technology exposition in Tallinn architecture biennale

Architecture and technology exposition in Tallinn Architecture Biennale was interactive installation that consisted of 3 parts - architect’s artificial intellegence software, spatial exposition and web platform, letting visitors to immerse in architects position, applying VR glasses, 3D printer and social networks. This exposition initiated process that has grown into community and continues to experiment with architecture, technologies and start-up interaction.

Author: Gunita Kuļikovska, Ēvalds Urtāns, Kaspars Kalnišs, Leonards Kalniņš, Madara Villere

Client: self - initated in cooperation with partners

Main subcontractors, partners:
Madara Alaine, Gunvaldis Urtāns, Dāvis Štrams, Elviss Strazdiņš

Author of photos:
Vladislava Snurnikova, Tonu Tunnel