Interior (public and private)

Barents restaurant

The design of this fine-dining seafood restaurant was inspired by the untouched, wild, and harsh nature of the North. The interior has a nautical theme: the narrow parquet boards are reminiscent of a ship deck, the tiles of a rocky shore, the oxidized copper conjures images of a rusty shipwreck, while mirrors create the effect of fog- or dew-covered windows. The mood is ascetic: free from decorative excess, so that guests can focus on each other and the dining experience. This is enhanced by scenographic lighting design whereby each table is individually highlighted.

Author: KRASSKY, Egita Lubiņa, Betija Rebaine

Client: Food Society, SIA

Address or location:
Smilšu iela 3

Technical information:
02.07.2018 - 17.12.2018


Main subcontractors, partners:
Solid concept, SIA

Author of photos:
Mikhail Loskutov