Interior (public and private)

Book in Latvia At the centre of the National Library of Latvia permanent exhibition 'Book in Latvia' is a story of the history of Latvian book in a global context. The exhibition consists of four parts, which reveal the book from different angles. Each part is designed with its a characteristic shape, structure and materiality that hints the visitor's subconciousness on the topic of each section. The exhibition layout allows for easy reading of the space and choosing an individual path through the space.
Author: GAISS / Associates, Partners et Sons / National Library of Latvia

Client: National Library of Latvia

Address or location:
Mūkusalas street 3, Riga

Technical information:


Main subcontractors, partners:
Carpentry - Kampenuss, digital solutions - WARP, print - Tint, lighting - Jānis Sniķers

Author of photos:
Māris Lapiņš, Krists Luhaers, Reinis Doršs