Business and Recreation Center Reconstruction as a Library

Architect’s main guideline for this project was building’s placement being close to town’s green zone–trees,grass,water and a wide sky scenery organically making their way in to the building’s rooms. 1st floor–first close-up: blueness of lake Lielezers–power and deepness of thought. Book area–books comfortably settled in a green meadow–the power of earth. 2nd floor–final scene–orange fire energy–inspiration for ideas. Water/earth/fire. Nature’s influence/power –guidelines for interior.

Author: SIA "SB Projekts": Sarmīte Pāvilaite

Client: Limbaži Municipality

Address or location:
23 Parka Street, Limbaži


SIA "REA Būve"

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA "Accent Būve", SIA "Metāla alianse", SIA "Drošības nams"

Author of photos:
Arnis Cifersons