Chapel of Lubana cemetery Embraced by wooden shingles the Lubana Chapel is a created in harmony with the event and the environment. The shape, volume, openness and natural simplicity of the space create favorable conditions for the transformation of feelings and thoughts. Closeness and beauty of nature gives an opportunity to perceive the hardest moments of life with lightness and clearness. The architecture of the Chapel could be realized thanks to the positive cooperation and openness of municipal employees.
Author: 'MAAJA skan' Ltd.; Vita Škapare, Jānis Pomerancevs

Client: Lubana Municipality

Address or location:
'Lubana Forest cemetery', Indranu parish, Lubana county

Technical information:
March - August 2017

June 2018

PS “A.A. & būvkompānijas”

Main subcontractors, partners:
'Arberg' Ltd.: Andis Vecvērdiņš

Author of photos:
Annija Jace