Public buildings (cultural, educational, religious buildings; healthcare and medical institutions; sports buildings)

Chefs workshop Ligatne The chef's house in Līgatne is the former Līgatne maternity hospital, which has now been reborn in a new function - it has become a place to enjoy the tastes of nature. On the first floor of the building kitchen and a restaurant hall are located, while the second floor is becoming a place to spend the night. The interior obediently follows the architecture and the materials used are natural, which ensure the breathing of the masonry necessary for the longevity of the building. An integral part is also the garden, which is a gorgeous introduction to the building itself.
Author: Lauder Architects ( Rita Laudere, Betija Balode, Arta Lāce, Ieva Kreile, Kārlis Lauders)

Client: Ēriks Dreibants

Address or location:
Pilsoņu street 2, Līgatne

Technical information:


Ēriks Dreibants

Main subcontractors, partners:
Modernists, Straubek, Artis Nīmanis, Ieva Jurjāne, ALPS, Līmenī, Inguss Kampenuss, Miks Ozols

Author of photos:
Ēriks Dreibants, Anete Rūķe, Rihards Vidzickis