Čiekurkrasti housing complex

The goal of the project was not only to include the building in the visual context of the site but also to find ways to functionally link the building to the waterfront. The result is a residential building with apartments and suites with spacious views of the surrounding area and a public, active waterfront for both residents and other locals. The building is connected to the sea via water ways, and it is planned to conclude the project with additional public structures — docks and piers.

Author: AB3D — Juris Mitenbergs, Pēteris Spuriņš, Uldis Tučs, Guna Priede, with Reinis Prēdelis, Kārlis Saltups

Client: Nere E

Address or location:
Čiekurkrasti, Ādaži municipality

Technical information:


LNK Industries

Main subcontractors, partners:
Būve un Forma Engineering