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Concert Hall Latvija and Ventspils Music School Concert Hall Latvija and Ventspils Music School concludes transformation of Lielais Square in Ventspils, leading to creation of a new city centre. Careful planning has allowed housing of the Large hall of 600 seats, Music School, Music Library, recording studio and chamber hall under one roof. Chamber hall can be transformed into an open-air stage adjacent to amphitheatre in Lielais Square. Concert Hall offers excellent acoustics, its centrepieces are a pipe organ and 4,7m vertical piano. Sustainability of the building is ensured, among others, through climate and lights management systems.
Author: 'Haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050', architect David Cook

Client: Ventspils City Municipal institution “Komunālā pārvalde”

Address or location:
1 Lielais Square, Ventspils

Technical information:

July 5, 2019

“Merks – Ostas celtnieks”

Main subcontractors, partners:
Architect: haascookzemmrich STUDIO2050, Partner-in-Charge: David Cook; Team: Eva Engele, Hanxiao Lui, Paul Lipan-Weber, Michael Kapeller, Dino Chai Felix Beck, Sabine Vecvagare; Local Partner Architect - Studio MSV, Team: Māris Malahovskis, Astra Poga, Ivo Ungurs, Riga, Latvia; Structural Engineering - Schlaich, Bergermann & Partner, Stuttgart, - SIA BKB, Riga, Latvia; Acoustician - Müller-BBM, München, SIA „Talbergs un akustikas eksperti”, Riga, Latvia; Organ Consultant - Johannes Klais Orgelbau, Bonn, Energy / Climate Engineering - Transsolar Klimaengineering, Stuttgart, Mechanical Services Engineering - SIA Friteks, Riga, Latvia, SIA Arche, Riga, Latvia; Electrical Engineering - SIA FIMA, Riga, Latvia; Architectural Lighting - LDE Belzner Holmes, Stuttgart Stage Engineering- DTP Theaterbühnentechnik, Dresden; Stage Lighting / Sound Systems - SIA Audio AE, Riga, Latvia; Fire Engineering - SIA Glamma, Riga, Latvia; Water / Drainage Engineering - SIA IP, Ventspils, Latvia; Cost Consultants - SIA Northproject, Riga, Latvia.

Author of photos:
Indriķis Sturmanis, Adam Mork, Oskars Jura