Dzintari Concert Hall

Reconstruction and restoration of wooden Art Deco concert hall, originally built in 1936, declared a historical and architectural monument of national significance. Along with construction of new areas, total 1500 sq.m - including underground floor that features a restaurant with entrance through basement, renovation adjusted the concert hall to be operational during winter season, while safeguarding Art Deco interior and not affecting the building's original shape. Transformational chair system with 460 seats was constructed, providing multifunctional use for the main concert hall. Gradual coloration of newly built premises varying from white to gray, leads visitor to dark, saturated colors of Art Deco halls. Introducing innovative functions for the building and contributing to the cultural scene of Jurmala city, the essential merit of this project remains it's succesfull blend of modern architecture and historical heritage.

Author: Architectural bureau Jaunromāns un Ābele: M.Jaunromāns, M.Ābele, I.Skadiņa, D.Gertners. Restoration: I.Heinrihsone. Acoustics solutions: A.Zabrauskis, G.Kozlovskis. Engineers: Inženieru birojs Būve un Forma, Daina_EL

Address or location:
Jūrmala, Turaidas iela 1



Main subcontractors, partners:
Main contractor SIA „RE&RE”, E.Koncevičs; on-site supervision SIA „Forma 2”, M.Tidriķis.

Author of photos:
Ansis Starks