Residential buildings

Edinburgh Apartments & Lofts - reconstruction of a Soviet sanatorium

Conversion of a Soviet era sanatorium. A veritable example of how to preserve uncomfortable heritage in the name of sustainability by transforming its functionality, look and feel. The newly created complex consists of two restored buildings with 92 apartments. All changes were applied with sensitivity towards the context, sourcing inspiration from Jurmala’s vernacular wooden architecture. A private park surrounds the buildings and is equipped with infrastructure for sports and leisure. The transformations improve the quality of life for residents of the complex and area.

Author: Zane Tetere – Šulce, Ieva Mākena, Alvis Petrovskis, Zane Legzdiņa, Kaspars Broks, Undīne Linde, Zane Araja, Eva Heidingere – Jukāma, Olga Ponomarjova, Sergejs Zarovnijs (Open AD)

Client: SIA OM 31

Address or location:
Mežaparka prospekts 10, Dzintari, Jūrmala, LV-2015


Technical information:
Building surface 2846 m2


SIA Anzāģe, Peteris Strancis (project manager)

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA ML BK, AS DWG, SIA Tīklu projekts, SIA KPB PROJEKTĒTĀJS.LV, SIA AVK projekts, Sandra Sarkanbarde (landscaping), SIA ML Asphalt, Marupes logi

Author of photos:
FOTO: Klāvs Loris, Oleg Zernov