The GO[A]T WASTE? project was developed as a process that tests and showcases material reuse in an easy to understand way. Building waste was collected from demolitions, renovations and construction sites in the Ādaži region to upcycle it into three pavilions. These were used as workshop stands for children in which each was decorated with paintings. Afterwards, they were moved into the nearby minizoo to be transformed into a single pavilion which functions as a goat playground. This project should illustrate the possibility of reuse, as well as the importance to plan for it.

Climate change and environmental pollution issues have strong roots in the building industry. While the building field deals with this by mainly improving the energy efficiency, building LCA (life cycle assessment) analysis shows that great potential lies also in material reuse and circular economy principles. This inspired us to test the reuse topic for Latvia. Although in a rather small scale, this would give simple examples, engage society and potentially continue in larger scale projects.

Author: NOMAD architects and Karina Armanda

Client: Mini Zoo - Dzīvo Sapņu Dārzs

Address or location:
Dzīvo Sapņu Dārzs, Gaujas street 10A, Ādaži

Technical information:

02.09.2020 (is not for comissioning, but date when handed over to the client)

NOMAD architects and Karina Armanda with help from Jaroslavs Kuznecovs and Samuels Rozentāls

Main subcontractors, partners:
Screws and paints for the workshop were sponsored by Jānis Sauka and Maxima

Author of photos:
NOMAD architects, Līva Mazure, Ādams Muzikants