Holiday home – <i>Brieži</i>

When conceiving the Brieži (Deer) holiday home, the designers tried to answer the question of whether the underlying concept was the landscape from the house or the house in the landscape. The building is situated in a picturesque Kurzeme location with forests, meadows and lakes, in which red deer play an integral role. The new additions to the original building continue its earlier life – the stairway leading to the lake follows the same path as before. Concrete is utilised both for the facade and the interior in the belief that it will age just as beautifully as the adjacent ancient oak tree.

Author: Office 'SINTIJA VAIVADE_ARHITEKTE' , architects Sintija Vaivade, Madara Vēza, constructor Ģirts Bērziņš

Client: Private

Address or location:
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Technical information:


Main subcontractors, partners:
Furniture 'MDF' Uldis Dušelis, light 'Treluce', windows 'Skonto Plan', tv-sound 'Baltaudio'

Author of photos:
Māris Lapiņš