Landscape architecture, public space improvements and environmental objects

Hotel AC Hotel by Marriott Riga square at Dzirnavu street 33, Riga

The project solution envisages the creation of a public outdoor space in the part of the historical center of Riga, in the street extension on Dzirnavu Street, parallel to the hotel facade, which can be used by both hotel users and city residents. The territory has been created emphasizing the idea of "sharing" outdoor space. The temporary parking lots for buses and taxis have been moved to the Dzirnavu Street carriageway, giving the sidewalk only to pedestrians. Within the framework of the project, 2 city intersections have been rebuilt at private expense, creating safe pedestrian crossings with speed ramparts and tactile markings.

Author: „Arhis arhitekti” (Andris Kronbergs un Mikus Druviņš), «Zala Landscape Architects» (Linda Zaļā), ceļu inženieri «E. Daniševska birojs» (Elmārs Daniševskis un Raivo Pauls).

Client: SIA Vastint Latvia

Address or location:
Dzirnavu street 33, Rīga

Technical information:
2017- 2019



Main subcontractors, partners:
“Building construction design” Ltd, “JKIB inženieri” Ltd, “Komforta standarts” Ltd, “MB designing” Ltd

Author of photos:
Janis Selis, Maris Lapins