<i>Cabot</i> office

The spacious, 1600 m2 Cabot offices incorporate work stations for both local and foreign specialists, having regard to different working traditions. Office work spaces are sited traditionally at desks, in enclosed individual cubicles and in meeting rooms of various sizes. The office holds a total of 136 work stations with adjustable height, acoustic walls designed and manufactured in Latvia, and integrated connections to data transmission systems. The premises also include rest areas, tea and coffee stops, and a kitchen/restaurant. The office layout is open, but strictly organised along functional lines. The space is accented by the built-in cupboard and archive system, as well as the transparent meeting booths. All office equipment complies with European Union requirements for a safe and sustainable working environment.

Author: Architect Martins Pilens (Martins Pilens, Pieter Beer, Miglena Ivankova)

Client: <i>Cabot</i> office

Address or location:
Mukusalas street 101


Technical information:
01.03 - 01.07, 2014

The construction operations performed in finished indoors. Rebuilding completed on 20 September

Bauplan Nord

Author of photos:
Maris Lapins