<i>Čaika</i> beach cafe

The Čaika Beach Cafe is a temporary seasonal construction on the Jurmala beach. It is a collapsible, prefabricated wood-panel structure on screw pile foundations comprising a small restaurant with two polycarbonate-covered lean-to sections and an open roof terrace. A pavilion-style structure without particularly distinct windows and doors. During the night, the open sections are closed off with aluminium shutters. After its first season, the Jurmala municipal authorities did not grant approval for the structure to be installed in other beach locations.

Author: SIA 'Arhitekts Ingurds Lazdiņš'

Client: SIA 'Noema (SIA 'Sky Garden')

Address or location:
Beach in Jurmala, Vaivari, from street Vēju till Street Gaidas

Technical information:
Winter of 2013 till Spring of 2014

Seasonal building, Summer 2014

SIA 'Makpress'

Author of photos:
Ingurds Lazdiņš