A 14 metre-long model, on a scale of 1:1, of a section of Miera iela was produced to demonstrate that the street’s layout provides for both efficient mobility and social life. Currently, 90% of the cars driving along Miera iela use the tram rails, the street’s cobbled section remaining empty, while pedestrians and cyclists share the narrow pavements. The model was positioned between Nos 9 and 10 Miera iela for five days and was utilised to stimulate discussion of the street’s layout with passers-by, local residents and businesses, thus involving the public in the design creation process. Passers-by and drivers, briefly entering the bright blue installation, quickly noticed it and asked questions about its significance.

Author: Fine Young Urbanists

Client: Miera ielas Republika

Main subcontractors, partners:
Authors — Toms Kokins, Evelīna Ozola. Partners — Rīga 2014, Survival Kit, Riga City Council Traffic Department, Miera ielas Republika, Taka, Mierā. Builders — Guntis Jasotis, Elvijs Jamonts, Nauris Lārmanis, Oto Ozols, Ivars Jankovskis, Edijs Vucēns.

Author of photos:
Kaspars Kursišs