Individual houses

KRM House

A modern interpretation of the traditional Latvian farmstead. The property is in a beautiful part of the Gauja National Park and has been developed as a holiday home for its owners to escape from the city and work commitments. It is designed in respect of the vivid natural scenery and its positive effects on human wellbeing. At this pavilion-style home, the landscape takes the place of a TV. Although the interior and exterior are physically divided, the border is blurry and invites residents to use the terrace as an extension of the living space.

Author: Zane Tetere-Sulce, Kristaps Sulcs, Jelena Ozolina-Jelisejeva, Girts Kula, Beatrise Dzerve, Zane Araja, Eva Heidingere-Jukama (Open AD)

Client: Confidential

Address or location:
Dūdas, Krimuldas pagasts, Siguldas novads


Technical information:
Residence with terraces 475.8 m2, auxiliary building 119.3 m2, car port and pergola 106.0 m2


SIA Delta Construction, SIA Landshape, SIA Uldis Ceplis

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA Indutek, Viktors Kopitins (būvkonstrukciju daļa), Elīna Feldmane (ūdensapgāde un kanalizācija), SIA Omel, SIA Projektētāju apvienība balanss, SIA Meliorprojekts, SIA Agni, In Umbra, SIA Trentini

Author of photos:
Alvis Rozenbergs