Liepaja State Gymnasium No. 1 Functionally and visually unified learning environment has been created, respecting the values of the building built in 1912 and striving for the amenities and comfort of Art Nouveau. Warm grey sand, blue sea and sky - the mood of the renovated school that has become an appropriate learning environment. Using the original functional solution of the building with modern extras, the teaching process is organized not only in the classrooms, but throughout the school - in the corridors and courtyards.
Author: Ilze Mekša, architect, SIA 'WONDERFULL'

Client: Liepaja municipality administration

Address or location:
Ausekļa iela 9, Liepāja

Technical information:
2012 - 2016


SIA firm 'UPTK'

Author of photos:
Edgars Pohevičs