Low energy house in Mezaparks One of the tasks of this low-energy building was to fit well in plot context and overall of the historical surroundings of Mežaparks. Dark tone of wooden facade was chosen to be rather calm between mostly of new built houses. Also landscape design was done fitting harmoniously in the forest environment. Opposite to the exterior interior of house is in light colors and full of daylight. Latest technologies and most contemporary building materials are being used, by preferring local producers.
Author: Didrihsons arhitekti, ltd. G.Didrihsons, participating A.Klīdzējs, R.Pope, D.Lazdiņa, L.Balcere, M.Sprudzāne, S.Šaplavskis

Client: Ugis Ozolins

Address or location:
K.Vatsona str.19

Technical information:


Group of the builders under the guidance of G.Osmucnieks

Main subcontractors, partners:
Structural eng. Kaspars Ozers, HWAC Māris Zeltiņš, EL nets Armands Ābele, Water supply Ligita Koroļova, Landscape Labie koki, ltd

Author of photos:
Ansis Starks