Memorial to Victims of Communist Terror at Torņakalns

The first stage of the Memorial to Victims of Communist Terror was completed in 2001, when a composition of sculptures was erected and a small amount of landscaping carried out. The next stage saw the sculpture section fully completed, the initial composition supplemented with rocks displaying the names of exile locations. The platform for the sculptures has been laid with dark grey granite. Glass panels display information about repressions and the geography of exile locations.

Author: Sculptor – Pauls Jaunzems, architect – Juris Poga, graphical design – Dita Lesiņa

Client: Riga municipal agency „Rīgas pieminekļu aģentūra”

Address or location:
Vilkaines str., Riga

Technical information:
2007. – 2011.

2013 January


Author of photos:
Indriķis Stūrmanis