MM - House in Mārupe MM - is a home for a new family. This reconstruction is the 3rd or even the 4th rebirth. There was a building here already at the beginning of the last century. Padedze Street was a simple rural road, now it has become one of the main arteries of Marupe. Old trees are witnesses of another time. The building has folowed the time. Despite compactnes, it was important to reach a feeling of spaciousness, connect the building to the garden and use the high ceiling of the attic floor.
Author: Ints Menģelis

Client: Private

Address or location:
Pededzes str. 26, Mārupe

Technical information:


Main subcontractors, partners:
BK: Artūrs Bolmanis ARB, Interior: Elīna Frankēviča, Landscaping: Linda Zaļā

Author of photos:
Ints Menģelis