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Module type building for the temporary housing of primary school of Carnikava

This is a module type building that represents a composition of an architectural idea, the client’s vision and the limited financial capabilities of the contractor. The design of the primary school facilitates a future requirement to rebuild it as a retirement home. The shape of the building is compact and made of structural modules. The center of the building is a closed courtyard that ensures a safe meeting place for children and for the elderly people later. Timber is the main finishing material as its sand-like shade blends into the character of Carnikava - a city on a gulf coast.

Author: Architect Aivars Rīts, architect Ieva Rīta, general designer SIA 'Belss', architectural solutions SIA 'RITMUS'

Client: Carnikava County Council

Address or location:
Garā street 20, Carnikava, Carnikavas county

Technical information:


SIA 'Ventars'