Public buildings (cultural, educational, religious buildings; healthcare and medical institutions; sports buildings)

New building 'Jāņa market'

The 'Jāņa market' is a public building in the center of  town Siguldas , that was realized in spring 2019.  Concept of the market visual idea has appeared from Latvia black sheds architecture. Simple form of the building and material choice (wood, metal and glass). Easy to look at the architecture and to understand , do I like it or not.

Author: Architects Kārlis Bedrītis (SIA KB Architecture), Artist Andis Gūtmanis, Metal artist Juris Zandersons.

Client: SIA'Loras nami'

Address or location:
Krišjāņa Vlademāra street 2

Technical information:

spring 2019

SIA “Loras Parks”

Main subcontractors, partners:
Metāla konstrukcijas - SIA “SCW Baltic”, 67459101, [email protected]; stikla konstrukcijas - SIA “Altehs”, 64123577, [email protected]; ūdensvads un kanalizācija - SIA “GAVO”, 22337830, [email protected]; elektroinstalācija - SIA “Capitalis”, 28636611, [email protected]; ceļi - SIA “Imberteh”, 29238219, [email protected]

Author of photos:
Oskars Briedis