Landscape architecture, public space improvements and environmental objects

New Guabuliga Market

Based on a broad cultural, social and spatial research, the design for a marketplace in Ghana aims at providing shade, water and solid ground for the rural agricultural village of Guabuliga. An iconic modular market structure was completed aiming to attract traders to the remote town and strengthen the socio-economic performance of the community. The open pavilion-like structure is a dialogue between floorscape and roofscape, evoking the forms of traditional summer huts and circular grain silos in the region. Built by the local craftsmen it has already become a community gathering hotspot.

Author: Toms Kampars, [applied] Foreign Affairs

Client: NGO Braveaurora, Guabuliga Chief Salifu Mahama Tampurie

Address or location:
Guabuliga, Ghana

Technical information:


local craftsmen

Main subcontractors, partners:
Franz Sam (structural engineering and details), Klaus Bollinger (structural engineering), Kartin Raith (landscape design), Frank Kumah (water and sanitary)

Author of photos:
Toms Kampars, Jürgen Strohmayer