Office building in Vaiņodes iela

The office building in Vaiņodes iela is a reconstruction of the existing building and new construction expansion in the form of covered parking and a courtyard. Wood and glass have been used to finish the new construction. The designers believe that the wood has been used as an atypical urban construction material, but that the solid wood beams in the facade complement the rhythm of the recently planted tree trunks.

Author: SIA „5.iela” – Ija Rudzite, Jelena Krasnorucka, Vlada Vitola, Olafs Barons, Inese Milasa. partaking - Agra Berzina, Liga Balode, Liga Vitola

Client: SIA „Moduls – Riga”

Address or location:
Vainodes street 1, Riga, Latvia

Technical information:
10/2012 - 10/2014


1.SIA ,,Moduls – Rīga” – “0” cycle construction works Reg.Nr.40003239050 Construction Merchant Registration Nr. 0418-R 2.SIA ,,Arčers” – construction of the overground part of the building Reģ.Nr.40003051954 Construction Merchant Registration Nr. 0829-R