Open-air Concert Hall “Neikenkalns” in Dikli

Nature Concert Hall is made of conscious ecological construction, using natural renewable elements and materials. Site’s unique acoustic properties made with water mirror, wooden constructions, existing park plantings, terraces and slopes. Stage and amphitheater includes the idea of multifunctionality.The stage can be transformed using the Song Celebration events and daily cultural events. Transformable podium grand performance, horizontal floor with a portal and screen performances and open-air concerts.

Author: Uģis Šēnbergs arhitekts: architect Ugis Senbergs

Client: Kocēni Municipality

Address or location:
Neikenkalns, Dikli, Koceni Municipality

Technical information:
October, 2013 up to March, 2014


Ltd. “Ekers": Uldis Bošs

Main subcontractors, partners:
Consultant, director Ugis Brikmanis; Art director Ivars Mailitis

Author of photos:
Kocēni Municipality, Ugis Senbergs