Landscape architecture, public space improvements and environmental objects

Outdoor object / children playground 'Labyrinth' 'Labyrinth' is a contemporary environmental object that in terms of concept and form respects the location of the object - the Dome Church and the Old Town, but at the same time is a functional children's playground. Wooden wall structure of the object ideally refers to the planning of the city's ancient streets, where the centerpiece is a carousel with a bronze crested peak, as well as cursor of the sides of the world in the ground cover.
Author: Liene Mackus, in cooperation with 'Balta istaba' Ltd.

Client: Foundation 'Sineccura'

Address or location:
6 Herdera square, Riga, near Riga Cathedral

Technical information:
september - december 2016.


'Glass&Wood' Ltd.

Main subcontractors, partners:
'Fixman' Ltd. (development of a customized carousel), 'Arena Sports' Ltd. (rubber safety surface)

Author of photos:
'Balta Istaba' Ltd. archive materials, photograph Jurgis Rikvelis