Landscape architecture, public space improvements and environmental objects

Pedestrian Path and View Terrace Pedestrian Path and View Terrace in Park of Senses in Valmiera is designed to provide comfortable access to river Gauja. The pedestrian gravel road is pruning from existing asphalted road, it gradually changes into timber path and organically transforms into a view terrace by the river. The rear of the terrace is created as a seating area that gradually turns into a lounger. The circular shape is partly designed to follow the turning radius of the cars, taking to the account the need of accessibility of the emergency vehicles to river.
Author: 'DJA' Ltd. - Didzis Jaunzems, Juta Davidovska

Client: Valmiera City Municipality

Address or location:
Park of Senses, Valmiera, Latvia

Technical information:
April - July 2018

July 2019

'Nejs' Ltd.

Main subcontractors, partners:
'Veldrums un Partneri' Ltd.

Author of photos:
Eriks Bozis