Permanent exhibition „Castle of Light and Glass Mountain – the Story of the National Library of Latvia Project and its architect” at the Latvian National Library A permanent exhibition at the National Library of Latvia (NLL) tells the story of the library and its architect G. Birkerts. The creative challenge of the project was designing a compact and emotionally engaging exhibition that would fit with its architectonic setting and allow the space of the exhibition to be used for other purposes. Consequently, the architecture and graphics of the exhibition are ascetic but the design still clearly separates the exhibition from its environment.
Author: Dd studio

Client: Latvian National Library

Main subcontractors, partners:
Jānis Mitrēvics Miks Mitrēvics Indra Krastiņa Dāvids Mitrēvics Zane Priede Krists Poreiters Edgars Saučuks Mārcis Mūrnieks Pāvels Osipovs

Author of photos:
Miks Mitrēvics