Private Apartment Interior Design

Interior design for the apartment in the VILLA DIETRICH house has been inspired by the graphical values of the 60's and contemporary opulence in materials. Chesnut parquet, interacting with marble flooring, is creating subtle diversion of light which varies from cool to warm hues. Lacquered wooden panels in combination with other reflecting surfaces create simultaneous feeling of space and coziness. In this interior architects have created uncompromising functional layout solution, which results in a clearly understandable zoning between various functions of the room, which is stressed even more by the use of the contrasting materials. The main goal was to create luxurious but laconic and somewhat discrete interior by using a blend of classical and contemporary methods of decoration.

Author: MARK architects: Aleksejs Birjukovs, Elīna Leimane, Santa Matule

Client: Privātpersona

Address or location:
Jūrmala, Bulduru prospect 17/19

Technical information:
Autumn/Winter 2015


Author of photos:
Photographer Martins Kudrajavcevs