Radošā sēta Community Centre

The centre is a fresh and long–awaited contribution to the town’s cultural life. The building hosts a number of various facilities: a music school, an educational centre, a performance space and an information centre. A concentration of different functions will allow for synergetic improvement of the cultural and educational processes. In planning the building, special attention was focused on combining the different functions to form a united architectural mechanism. The building is designed as a cosy place for various activities and a landmark for the district’s centre.


Author: MARK arhitekti — arhitekti Mārtiņš Ošāns, Līga Rutka, Santa Matule, Ivars Kalvāns, Inženieru birojs Būve un Forma

Client: Talsi municipality

Address or location:
21 Lielā Street, Talsi

Technical information:


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