Rainis' Museum 'Tadenava' Rainis’ Museum “Tadenava” is established in a place where the poet spent first three and a half years of his life. The most significant objects are the house built by Rainis’s father in 1865 (Historic Site of national significance – Rainis’s residence, national protection No.26) and a barn. The objective of the restoration was the preservation of the cultural heritage with the respect of the cultural landscape that had evolved over 150 years, the focus on the prominent personality and his contribution to the Latvian culture by creating a modern, aesthetically, emotionally and intellectually appealing recreation place for museum visitors and people residing in the neighbourhood. Creating a single complex that seamlessly blend in with the natural, cultural and historical landscape, the emphasis was placed on the correlation between the environment, architecture, exhibition content and design solutions. During the restoration work in the museum complex the guiding principle applied was a consistent minimum intervention: refraining from undue manipulations, preserving various construction elements from the different periods. This made it possible to maintain the originality of historical elements, historical significance and authenticity.
Author: Architect Ēriks Cērpiņš, exhibition: SIA H2E, Association of Memorial Museums

Client: SJSC “State Real Estate”

Address or location:
Dunava' parish, Jēkabpils district

Technical information:


SIA 'Modus būve'

Author of photos:
Juris Kalniņš, Kristaps Runcis