Reconstruction Reconstruction of a private house in Mezapark is made, by emphasizing the historical values of the building, which have been lost over time. As a result, the redesigned building has recovered the features of former local functionalism architecture. The traditional spirit of Mezapark is also reflected in the historical dune relief of the area. The interior reflects the architecture of the building, ideas for the details were searched in the historical materials of the 30s of the 20th century.
Author: SIA Balta istaba, arch. Ilze Rukmane-Poca, arch. Milana Matorigina. Interior - SIA Solid Concept, Edgar Kaufmanis, Ingrida Jugbarde

Client: Private person

Address or location:
Mezhapark, Riga

Technical information:



Main subcontractors, partners:
Landscape - Gartens SIA, concrete elements - Aldermanis SIA, metal details, stairs - Darina SIA. carpentry - Rotas mēbeles SIA, Golden Stage SIA, showcase - AM Studio SIA, wood floor - Eko projekts SIA, finishing materials, furniture - Krassky SIA, Videa SIA

Author of photos:
Ainar Gaidis