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Reconstruction of 'Fraternitas' office building The reconstructed office building in Valdlauci is the result of a long and thoughtful process. Client's professional understanding, trust and careful attitude towards every stage of the design and construction process has resulted in a long-term, high quality, convenient and creative environment for the activities of today's people. The main concept motto: to create the conditions for the synergy of individual cooperation, to give different spatial experience, leaving the choice to the users.
Author: Architects office Ltd. 'Tapt' - Ivo Šteimanis in cooperation with Florencia Michelli and Ģirts Reimats (with the participation of Aija Bēliņa, Anda Šteimane, Kristīne Kaktiņa-Baļčunaite un Egita Fabiane)

Client: Ltd. 'Fraternitas'

Address or location:
Valdlauči, Ķekava region

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