Reconstruction of Rumene barn - construction of exhibition halls and apartment Conversion of Rumene Manor Cowshed into Concert Hall, Event Centre and 13 apartments is the final touch of rebirth of Rumene Manor ensemble – once prosperous Baltic German Estate located in historical region of Courland and dating back to the 14th century. Rough style of the original Cowshed construction is preserved through natural materials – stone, brick, wood, recycled metal plates, all arranged in massive scale throughout the monumental space.
Author: 'Zaigas Gailes birojs' Ltd., Marijas 13/IV, Rīga, LV 1050

Client: 'HOTEL BERGS' Ltd.

Address or location:
Kandavas nov., Kandavas pag., Rūmene, Rūmenes ferma

Technical information:


'PKE' Ltd.

Main subcontractors, partners:
TS (Territory section, construction project general plan) „Zaigas Gailes birojs” Ltd., Zaiga Gaile AR (Architectural solutions) „Zaigas Gailes birojs” Ltd., Zaiga Gaile BK (Building structures) “CBPB” Ltd., Valters Celmiņš AVK-A (Heating, heating unit) “NT projekts” Ltd., Egils Mičenis AVK-V (Ventilation and air conditioning) “Rēzeknes būvprojekts” Ltd., Jānis Pliska ŪK (Water supply and sewerage, internal networks) “Ūdens PRO“ Ltd., Aleksandrs Lukjanecs ŪKT (Water supply and sewerage, external networks) “Ūdens PRO“ Ltd., Aleksandrs Lukjanecs ESS (Electronic communication systems) “Multicomp' Ltd., Ģirts Hildebrants UAS (Fire automation systems) “Multicomp' Ltd., Ģirts Hildebrants EST (Electronic communication networks, external networks) “Multicomp' Ltd., Ģirts Hildebrants EL (Power supply) “Multicomp' Ltd., Juris Ločmelis ELT (Power supply, external networks) “Multicomp' Ltd., Juris Ločmelis

Author of photos:
Ansis Starks