Public buildings (cultural, educational, religious buildings; healthcare and medical institutions; sports buildings)

Reconstruction of Social Services Center in Dviete Construction project developer: “Jēkabpils PMK” LLC, construction project manager and architect Ineta Buka, in the development was also involved G. Sala, L.Dimante, “Ekolat” LLC and “Demvar” LLC. The project idea - establish a social services center – nursing home in a former school building. Architectural idea - a tree on the building exterior wall. Old people are like a tree. Old people can feel safe in this building as under the tree. A tree idea is also reflected indoors - design of common areas. Great importance is given to the improvement of the yard, creating a place for celebration, a place for gardening, fruit trees and bushes. The building has 20 rooms for 42 people.
Author: Ltd Jekabpils PMK

Client: Municipality of Ilukstes county

Address or location:
'Dvietes skola', Dvietes parish, Ilūkstes county

Technical information:
10.2016. - 02.2017.


Ltd Jekabpils PMK, the architect Ineta Buka

Author of photos:
Sarmīte Bogdanoviča, Madara Pavlovska