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Renovation of Rainis` Yard

“Rainis` Yard”, Poruka 61, Jurmala, the renovation project is the rebuilding of 6 historical buildings complex. New engineering networks have been built. In 3 buildings, there are a total of 11 apartments for short and long term rent. The function intended for the historic Rainis` and Aspazija`s building is a place for events and celebrations. The volume of the basement has been rebuilt for the needs and maintenance of the complex. The utilitarian building built during the Soviet era has been assigned the function of an office. The fence with the central gate is a copy of the historic fence.

Author: SIA GB Studio, arčhitects Gatis Gavars, Klāvs Ābele

Client: Raiņa sēta, SIA

Address or location:
61 Poruka Av., Jūrmala

Technical information:
2016. - 2019.

April, 2020.

Raiņa sēta, SIA

Main subcontractors, partners:
Building constructions – JKE Project; MEP design – DKD; Electricity – Tīklu projekts; Lighting – Balts DTD; MEP instalation – Mitarons; Windows and doors – WOOD ART; Wallpaper copy design – Magnum NT; Sculptor – Kārlis Alainis

Author of photos:
M.Šēls, E.Freimanis, D.Veinberga, J.Romanovskis, M.Baltskars, A.Tone