Retirement residence at Berķene manor house

Retirement residences are a component of the Berķene manor complex. The manor house has been restored as a meeting house for retirees, but the retirement residences are intended to be dignified housing for old people in a rural and historic manor house setting. The homes are furnished in compliance with environmental accessibility standards and universal design requirements but have been constructed having regard to energy efficiency and utilising ‘smart home’ technology. The architectural style was chosen to fit in within the context of the manor house’s classicism and the landscape.

Author: Ltd. Konvents: arh. Pēteris Blūms, arh, Oto Ozols; interior design - Ilze Melgalve

Client: Aldis Melgalvs

Address or location:
Jelgavas novads, Vilces pagasts, Berķenes muiža

Technical information:


Aldis Melgalvs

Main subcontractors, partners:
Construction consultant: Māris Ozoliņš; Heating, ventilation and engineering comunication systems: Ltd. DKD, Arnis Tomiņš; Electrical installations, “smart house” system mounting: Ltd. “Elekstra”, Dzintars Laķis; Window and door manufacturer: Ltd. “Mežmaļi”; Flooring: Ltd. “Kago”, Gunārs Kaukulis