Rezekne Green Synagogue

The Green Sinagogue un Rezekne is the only wooden sinagogue building in Latvia, which has survived till nowadays with minimal alterations. During the process of the restoration, it has been adapted to the needs of the Centre of Wooden architecture, as well as the jewish praying house. The original planning was revealed during the architectural investigation of the building. It was restored during the restoration. The interior finish is based on the conservation of multiple historic periods, rather than relaying on just one system of the finish.

Author: Lapiņš Artūrs, Arhitektoniskās izpētes grupa SIA

Client: Rēzeknes pilsētas dome

Address or location:
5 Krāslavas Street, Rēzekne

Technical information:
2005, 2013–2015


Inteco Wood, SIA

Author of photos:
Artūrs Lapiņš