Landscape architecture, public space improvements and environmental objects

Salaspils Secondary school No 1 territory landscaping School territory’s new landscaping is received positively by students and parents alike. Children of different age groups can play in open air; teachers have more opportunities to manage sport activities, natural science (physics, mathematics, biology) classes, as well as drawing classes. Children want to enjoy outdoors time for longer, and this is beneficial for building their communication skills. A number of environmental education aspects are also embedded in this project, for example - recycling, management of rainwater, etc.
Author: Project manager: Elmārs Daniševskis, “ALPS Atelier Landscaping”, project landscape architects Ilze Rukšāne and Sandra Sarkanbārde

Client: Salaspils Municipality

Address or location:
1 Lauku street, Salaspils

Technical information:


'Buildimpex', Ltd

Main subcontractors, partners:
Greenery and lawns - 'Galantus', Ltd, Ansis Birznieks; Sports and playgrounds equipment - 'Fixman', Ltd, Miks Lukstiņš; wooden elements - 'Labie koki', Ltd, Māris Gailis; Improvement elements (benches, bicycles stand, waste tanks) - 'Līvest', Ltd, Ģirts Krūmiņš; Lighting – “Remus Elektro”, Ltd, Aleksandrs Lauberts.

Author of photos:
Kristīne Madjare