Shop in a bar – <i>Ibar</i>

Combining an Apple product shop with a bar has created a new location with hybrid functions, Ibar. The interior design concept is inspired by the story of physicist Isaac Newton and the apple falling from its tree, which is also the basis for the Apple brand identity. The interior of the Ibar has been devised as a challenge to the theory of gravity discovered by Newton. Furniture and environmental design solutions have been sought to create an illusory impression that artefacts are not touching one another.

Author: Interior architect - Anna Butele, project manager - Diāna Kūla (company

Client: Company 'Applecafe'

Address or location:
Riga, Blaumaņa street - 12 A

Technical information:
October 2014 - January 2015


Company 'Everts'

Main subcontractors, partners:
Metalworking – company „Z-48,” carpentry – company „Platin Fists,” Mirror, glass – Agris Butelis, soft furniture – company „Inga IM.”

Author of photos:
Ingus Bajars