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Song Festivals open air Stage Mežaparks

The concept of Silver Grove on a Hill of Songs is formed in associations with the Latvian landscape and the wisdom from Latvian folk songs. The tribune of singers' symbolically represents the Hill. The primary element of the roof construction is a Tree. The intertwining of branches of the Grove forms the roof structure above the singers' tribune. Acoustic panels, lights and membrane attached to the roof structure shapes the Foliage - the base for stage scenography and spatial acoustics. The metaphorical Silver Grove has influenced the visual language of the stage and served as an ideological basis when dealing with the unique constructional and acoustic challenges. The newly built stage and spectator area increases the celebration ground's capacity and promotes a more dynamic flow of people. There are 12,874 seats for singers in the tribune accessed by ten choir gates. The enlarged spectator area has 30,511 seats or 67,437 standing spaces.

Author: Austris Mailītis and Juris Poga Architects offices

Client: 2007-2009 City Development Department; from 2016 City Property Department

Address or location:
Ostas prospekts 11, Riga


Technical information:
2007-2009 Sketch project; 2016 Preliminary technical project; 2017-2018 Technical project

11 June 2021

Construction phases A, B1, C - PS “LNK Industries RERE būve”; Construction phase B2 - AS “LNK Industries”

Main subcontractors, partners:

Author of photos:
Indrikis Stūrmanis, Ansis Starks.