Interior (public and private)

SQUALIO office The leading motive of the interior concept is a link entwining at various levels - among people, computers, the global network, neurons of the human brain, as well as among the countries and - on a larger scale – planets and the Universe. This link is presented by simple elements. The dot as a unit and a line as a link: a link establishing a uniform system, a uniform Universe. Interior is created in neutral shades with a few accents and black details as a contrast, making the white even whiter.
Author: Design studio AARPUS, Maris Vaza

Client: Squalio

Address or location:
21 Kr. Valdemāra street, Riga, Latvia

Technical information:


SIA Baumeister

Main subcontractors, partners:
carpentry – SIA Avangart and SIA Woodart; Corian works – SIA Mākslīgā Amens Darbnīca, metal works – 12. novembris; glass partition walls – SIA Pilnstikla studija, floor covering – SIA Anitra.

Author of photos: