Story Tower The Story Tower is an open–air reading room and book exchange shelf in the main transport hub of Cesis. It was developed in collaboration with Cesis Central library, bringing one of its functions out in the public. The landmark exemplifies the individual effort of new arrivers and old survivors — those are stories that inspire. The 5–meter tall wooden structure with a paper composite (Tetrapak) roof, which protects from weather conditions, was designed and built during the RTU International Summer School Local Shift.
Author: Niklāvs Paegle, Theodore Molloy, Thomas Randall–Page with students Artūrs Tols, Christof Nichterlein, Dumitru Eremciuc, Natascha Häutle, Rūta Austriņa, Signe Pelne, Tanja Diesterhof, Ulkar Orujova, Zoi Katsamani

Client: Riga Technical University International Summer School

Address or location:
The Cesis Station Square

Technical information: