Public buildings (cultural, educational, religious buildings; healthcare and medical institutions; sports buildings)

The Science and Innovation Centre VIZIUM The type of use of the building is divided into 2 (two) parts:  Science Centre, which has about 80 interactive exhibits that encourage young people to take a greater interest in the exact sciences, to understand simple laws of physics and nature.  Innovation Centre - modern office space for tenants (in total about 120 newly created jobs have been created). Degraded territory where works were carried out – 3.08 ha.
Author: AUDRIUS AMBRASAS (UAB “Ambrasas Architectu Biuras”), Head of the construction project, head of the Author's Supervision Group – JURIS POGA (SIA 'Arhitekta J.Poga birojs').

Client: Ventspils State Municipality Institution 'Ventspils Komunālā pārvalde'

Address or location:
Rupniecības street 2, Ventspils


Technical information:
The total area of the building is 10098,30 m2, outdoor area 3038,9 m2.

2021 y. september 21

General partnership 'LNK INDUSTRIES GROUP'

Main subcontractors, partners:
SIA 'Baltpile', SIA 'Baltic Construction Company (BCC)', SIA 'Ventbetons-V', SIA “Galantus”, SIA 'Volts-1', SIA 'Elektriķis', SIA 'EBV Group', SIA 'Mikropāļi', SIA 'SZMA Ventspils', SIA 'AMK Montāžas grupa', SIA 'Valiants', SIA 'Steel Constructor MM', SIA 'HVAC Solutions', SIA 'Eksperts ZR', SIA 'UPPE', SIA 'Zibenszeļļi', SIA 'TehnoPrime', SIA 'Almont', SIA 'Darīsim kopā', SIA 'Rupo'

Author of photos:
Monta Blaze ; Norbert Tukaj